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Undone Group 3.jpg


Choreography: Kaytee Cox

Dancers: Gracie Black, Sarah Glover, Courtney Krachtus, Natalie Sams, Ally Sanov, Taylor Pellegrini

Music: Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

This piece is a modified excerpt from our upcoming show, between.



Choreography: Ally Sanov

Dancers: Kaytee Cox, Mandie Evans, Ally Sanov

Music: Dermot Kennedy 

Undone Gracie 8.jpg


Choreography: Gracie Black

Dancers: Gracie Black

Music: Max Richter

This solo was created and modified from a larger work featured in our upcoming show, between.

Undone group 12resize.jpg

my arms. (2019)

Choreography: Sarah Glover

Dancers: Kaytee Cox, Natalie Sams, Taylor Pellegrini 

Music: Tors

An excerpt from the evening length show, the beginning.

Undone Mandie 20.jpg


Choreography: Natalie Kirk 

Dancers: Natalie Kirk 

Music: Bethel 

Forward Undone group 19-2.jpg

fragments. (2019)

Choreography: Kaytee Cox

Dancers: Gracie Black, Mandie Evans, Sarah Glover, Courtney Krachtus, Natalie Sams

Music: Olafur Arnalds & Hi-Low Jack

Sound Mixing: Kaytee Cox

special thanks

Saverio Caperoni, Sarah Glover Photography and Phillip Sanov

dreamers $20+

Sue Imrem, April McKamey, Natalie Salb, Brittani McClellan,  S&P Global Foundation Employee, Benjamin Gallovic, Ginny Hornby, Stephanie Bustamante, Danette Marshall, Sherri Hauke, Johanna Seidel 

cultivators $100+

Kimberly Choate, Samantha Evans, Cindi Krachtus, Dawn Stanislaw, Kaitlynn & Matthew Cassady, Kris Kincaid 

visonaries $500+

Felicia Hubert, Phillip and Tiffany Sanov,  Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Kirk, Tyler & Shawn Evans

All program photos were taken by Sarah Glover Photography 

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